Welcome to the Maitland Boulevard (SR 414) PD&E Study Site!

Welcome to the web site for the Maitland Boulevard (State Road 414) Project Development & Environment (PD&E) Study. The PD&E Study limits are from east of I-4 (Hope Road) to Maitland Avenue (CR 427), a distance of approximately 1.2 miles. The study evaluated the feasibility of widening Maitland Boulevard from a four lane roadway to a six lane divided urban roadway and will include evaluation of improvements such as bicycle lanes and sidewalks. The project limits are identified on the project location map. This web site contains information on the PD&E Study process, the project schedule, public involvement opportunities and information on how to contact members of the study team.

This study was conducted by the Florida Department of Transportation (FDOT). You can visit the FDOT web site by clicking on the FDOT logo at the top of this page.  Please visit the project contacts page to provide your comments on this web site or if you have specific questions regarding the study.

Study Update
On November 5, 2013, the Federal Highway Administration granted Location and Design Concept Acceptance for the Maitland Boulevard (SR 414) PD&E Study. This project will now proceed to the next phase of development.

Please click on the Documents page to view the final project reports.

Need for the Project

The need to widen Maitland Boulevard is supported by many factors:

  • Maitland Boulevard serves as an important connection between I-4 and US 17-92.
  • Projected traffic volumes are expected to exceed the maximum service volume in 2025.
  • The proposed roadway widening will improve traffic flow on Maitland Boulevard and help to relieve traffic congestion.
  • Maitland Boulevard east of I-4 serves as a vital route for east-west regional traffic in north Orange and south Seminole Counties. Regional traffic uses Maitland Boulevard to link to US 17/92 which provides connections to roadways like Horatio Avenue/Howell Branch Road to access SR 436 and points east. 
  • This project is consistent with METROPLAN Orlando's 2030 Long Range Transportation Plan and the City of Maitland's Comprehensive Development Plan.